The OM Store

Providing you with the finest selection of organic health food, products and clinic services for you health and well-being in the local Bayside community

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Showcasing Herbs, Vitamins, Food, Coffee and all Things Organic

Organic Because We Care About Your Health!

The Organic Merchant Store knows organic living isn’t just a concept these days, it’s an essential step in the right direction for your health and wellness. With all the toxic chemicals, preservatives, antibiotics, growth hormones, fertilizers and other dangerous ingredients added to the food we eat, organic is the solution.

We live in a fast paced world where processed food and convenience walk hand in hand. Turning to health food Southland with organic store products will give you the peace of mind you are fueling your body with premium food that will help you build a strong resistance to illness and disease, provide long-term energy, level blood sugars, improve sleep, increase your brain power, and give your body and mind the power to function without interference.

Health Food Southland Makes Sense

The Organic Merchant’s Store showcases the finest organic herbs, spices, vitamins, produce, naturopathic supplements and compounds to lead you to better health. You can take a break from your hectic day and enjoy a cup of organic coffee in our store in the bayside suburb of Cheltenham just across the road from Southland.


The OM Store is the place to be if you are serious about finding those all-natural, toxic-free ingredients void of harmful processing and perfectly balanced for healthy eating. Even if you are just starting to venture into organic.

The OM Store has it All!

Naturopath Cheltenham Top Destination


If you have questions don’t be afraid to come in to chat to one of our naturopaths  FREE. Each of which is certified in western herbalism, naturopathy, homeopathy and nutrition. Highly qualified to give you the helpful information you need to improve your health.

Paul is the owner and a local resident. His vision combines a medley of modern design and relaxing comfort with standard health store values, to create an inviting atmosphere to make visitors feel at home… Paul is highly skilled with years of study in both scientific and naturopathic niches. This combined effect ensures you get the most concurrent information presented in a logical take-action manner. Highly effective when you are looking for fast positive change.

Uniquely Organic – Where YOU Matter –

The Organic Merchant Store is unique in that it teaches you why organic heath food Cheltenham is better than your local grocer. You will understand how to best take care of your health, and one by one make the changes essential to your better health.


And if you can understand why you are eating organic wild salmon instead of toxic farm raised salmon, or how come organic berries are the only way to go, then you are naturally empowered with logic to make the change stick. If you just think you should make change or worse, you are doing it because your partner says you should, it’s never going to stick. We both know that.

I’m concerned organic food cost more…

It can, but it doesn’t have to. It’s true that in general that organic costs more because of the extra care in the food making process. The OM Store offers competitively priced products. However where there’s a will there’s a way and there are many ways you can save money when choosing to buy at the organic merchant’s store.

Buy Bulk – Particularly with grains and flours this is a great way to save money. Just portion it out and freeze it if need be so you can use it as needed.

Reduced Rack – Of course freshest is always best but looking for reduced price organic produce with save you bundles. Often it’s just an overload of one item. Or perhaps it got too ripe too fast and needs to be used. Grab it and save!

Know the Organic Markets and Sales – It’s important to be wary of where you shop. Look out for specials on our facebook page or ask in-store to get the best price for your organic produce, herbs and spices, sauces and supplements. Shopping smart makes it affordable.

Invite Friends and Purchase Collectively – Think of this like you might a carpooling. Where you are sharing a common ride someplace that makes your wallet happy. When you buy organic store products as a group you can then divide items to cut costs. It takes a little collaboration and cooperation but really is a wise-owl move, particularly if you just want to try something organic and aren’t sure whether or not you’re going to fancy it.

Visit your nearest health food Bayside and have an organic coffee and figure out what you’d like to buy.

Why Buy Organic?

*Keeps Chemicals Out of the Air, Soil, Water and Your Body – Buying organic promotes a less toxic environment. Otherwise we will continue to poison Mother Earth until ultimately it’s destroyed.

*Protect Future Children – Scientific studies show the chemicals and toxins from our environment interfere with the growth of the fetus in utero. As well exposure to unnatural substances directly affects the nervous system, increase the risk of ADHD and cancer, and creates fertility issues.

*Helps Reduce Farm Pollution – Pesticides from farming infiltrates into the groundwater and ultimately destroys the environment for miles around. These harsh affects can be reduced or eliminated if you choose organic store shopping.

*Avoid Eating Science Experiment Food – The food most people eat that comes packed, bagged, and boxed is processed unnatural food that’s been created from a science experiment. It’s fabricated and not real. This means your body seriously doesn’t know what to do with it because it is not the wholesome macronutrients and micronutrients your body needs; protein, healthy fat, complex carbohydrates, and essential vitamins and minerals.


The Organic Merchant Store has everything you need to create your healthy, disease-free organic lifestyle.

Are you excited to get started?